What are you on earth for?

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For about 3 years I took a break from personal blogging to focus on building my business website/blog- Super Working Mum but for some time now I have had the nudge to re visit my personal blog where I can share a lot of my musings on my journey to living purposefully! So here we are!

I hope you stick around and muse with me 🙂

I have a question for you today- what are you on earth for? What is the assignment God has given you to do on planet earth?

You may agree with me that every person on earth has a unique assignment. A’s assignment may look very similar to B’s but they each bring their individuality and uniqueness to the table which makes that assignment unique.

As children of God, we have all been called to share the good news of Jesus Christ and show people the salvation of God however I believe this mandate will be carried out differently based on our individual gifts & abilities and this is where our unique assignment comes in.

What is the assignment God has given you to do on planet earth? I ask again. This can be a tough question to answer and for some a clearer picture of what God has created you to be/do, will begin to emerge, as you walk on the journey of purpose. Also the people God bring to you and how you help them may give you more clues as to what your unique assignment is.

I have been on that journey for sometime now and in the early days I was totally confused.. I was great at my job but didn’t like it much. I felt there was much more. So I started to explore and boy have I gone off on different detours.

I have called myself different things …and that definition kept changing.  At one point I thought God was calling me to teach women about balance, so I did, then I thought it was to help them build businesses, then later I thought it was to help them with maximising their time and manifesting their God given dreams. All of these things I do well and I believe are part of my unique assignment.

However recently it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that God has called me to help women birth their purpose. You know like a midwife assists a woman to birth a baby. Yea something like that but more from a spiritual point of view.

You see most of the women that come to me have one thing in mind- to help them with their time management, confidence issues, or to flesh out their business ideas. However  as we commence work we begin to go deeper to sort out all the blocks, to discover and birth their unique purpose and get connected with their source God then BOOM! everything else begins to fall in place..they get more clarity and they begin to hear strategies from heaven and then they birth their purpose.

It amazes me each time and I give glory to God.

I am a woman on a journey of purpose. I have started to rebel against religious affairs that can put people in bondage. I want to get out of the box, be free to do what God has commissioned me to do.

I know that my purpose will keep evolving as I press into knowing my identity in Christ and the little I know of my assignment today.

SO I put it to you again: What is the assignment God has given you to do on planet earth? Do you know it? Please share in the comment section below.