It’s my birthday today.

Today is my birthday and I am grateful.

Actually I have mixed feelings.

The last time I was *really* excited about my birthday was two years ago.

Last year I got into a very pensive mood. Same this week.  A part of me feels guilty for not jumping up and down that it is my birthday but the other side says “girl you are growing up, you can’t be jumping up and down.” lol.

Don’t get me wrong…even though I am in a reflective mood this year and feel like being by myself on my special day, I am truly truly grateful for the gift of life.

The last year have been challenging as I wait for a particular breakthrough. Despite this issue, I have experienced so much of Abba’s grace, love and supernatural strength in ways I never knew I could.

As long as there is life then there is hope. Nothing is too big for my God

Abba has shown me everyday that He loves me through the tiniest ways.

I may not be where I want to be but I am right where Abba wants me to be.

I may not have everything I have been praying for, but I know Abba makes all things beautiful in it’s time.

I have grown so much in the last two years in my journey of life than I have ever grown.

Here’s my gratitude

As I celebrate a new year, I want to use this opportunity to proclaim God’s goodness in my life and bring thanks to Him.

I am thankful for:

  1. The gift of life, grace and hope.
  2. Peace of mind in the midst of pain and confusion
  3. Experiencing God has a good father. That is why I call him Abba.
  4. A great man who is my husband
  5. My children who teach me patience everyday
  6. Good health- had no cause to go to the hospital or be admitted to the hospital
  7. Supernatural Provision –  had no cause to borrow or beg.
  8. Safety- no accidents of any kind
  9. The opportunity to serve numerous women
  10. Growth and transformation in my life and the women Abba sends my way
  11. Great Mentors, Great Mentees, Great Friends
  12. Frenemies that have taught me to be discerning and wise
  13. The ability to hear Abba speak
  14. Supernatural strength when I feel weak
  15. A good support system
  16. The grace to forgive and let go
  17. Abba’s love that has kept me

Also I would like to share some lessons (out of many) I have learnt in/still learning from the past year.

20 Lessons from the past year

  1. Forgiveness is important to move forward in life. Forgive often not for them but for you. Live in peace with all men.
  2. Some people come into your life for a season, don’t get angry or upset when they leave or you leave. It simply means that season is over.
  3. Your associations matter. They matter a lot.
  4. If you have a tribe (nation) that you are building, protect them. Be careful who you expose your tribe/nation too.
  5. It is the lack of knowledge, not money that makes a (wo)man poor.
  6. Set healthy boundaries. You will avoid a lot of issues in life.
  7. Listen more, talk less. Let your words be seasoned always. Don’t speak any idle words.
  8. Be a steward of the money you have
  9. You are the only original version of you so comparing yourself to someone else is pointless.
  10.  Live a simple life. Declutter often
  11. Invest in yourself and in the right relationships.
  12. You always have a choice. Making no choice is a choice in itself. Choose wisely
  13. Be kind to everyone, you don’t know what struggles they are dealing with. Don’t assume you know anything about someone’s life.
  14. Owe no man anything but LOVE.
  15. Readers are leaders
  16. Worry solves nothing so cast ALL your cares on God. He can handle them much better than you can ever
  17. Value yourself. Don’t let anyone put you down. Know your authority in Christ.
  18. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from truly living.
  19. Praise God more. In ALL things give thanks.
  20. Put your trust in God NOT man.

Happy birthday to me. I am expectant in this new year.

I am looking forward to new opportunities to grow and serve.

More of God, less of me.


  1. Happy birthday Detola. Thanks for sharing.

    God’s love is unending.

  2. Love these lessons – happy birthday <3

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I’m grateful to God for you life. Thanks for sharing the lessons you have learnt in the past year, no doubt many will be blessed by it and will learn from it too.✨👌🏻