Hillsong Colour Conference 2017- My experience

About 2 weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Hillsong Colour Conference. The first time I ever heard of the conference was two years ago when Joyce Meyer was one of the guest speakers. I knew I had to be there and it was an amazing time. I blogged about the experience on the Super Working Mum blog here.

I couldn’t make it last year but this year I went and I am so glad I did. It was three days of pure bliss and worship. Every trouble, anxiety, worry melted away just spending time in God’s presence. There were about 11,000 women there all together lifting up the name of Jesus. I tell you it was astounding. Even though it was a huge crowd it was a personal experience for me.

Apart from Bobbie Houston the host, there were two main speakers- Lisa Harper and Sy Rogers. The theme was Be found in the field and we were encouraged to stay on the path despite the challenges of life.

Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper is just out of this world! She is so down to heart, authentic and funny. Most of the stories she shared were hilarious but touched me. She also shared the painful process of adopting her daughter: waiting for over 2 years to bring her home, that story really moved me to tears.

The key points I took away from her message was:

  1. Fix your eyes on Jesus always and not on your circumstances
  2. God is not bound by time so trust in His timing and enjoy the process
  3. Be careful who you listen to – not everyone has your best interest at heart, and their words may sow a seed that will stop you from achieving what God wants for you. So guard your heart.

Sy Rogers

Sy Rogers what an amazing man. Despite a challenging and wayward background his love for Jesus shines through. He is a leading voice when it comes to the issues of sexuality. His story reminds me of how Jesus can turn someone’s life around 360 degrees.

A few takeaways from him include

  1. The Holy spirit empowers me and He sets me up to win
  2. Do not hate your weakness, God will meet you there. My weakness does not faze God
  3. The Holy Spirit guides and comforts especially when working through a difficult life process

Overall takeaway

Overall, this 3 days conference was just what I needed and reminded me to always always always fix my eyes on Jesus and worship Abba even when I am lost or confused.

Looking forward to next year!

Here are some pictures from the event (click to view larger image)


What conferences are you attending this year to help you with your spiritual growth. Share in the comment section below. I would love to know.